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About Us.

Enabling informed choices

Our Mission

To be the leading digital marketplace that bridges the gap between African consumers and financial services providers.

Our Story

With a mission to simplify financial decision-making, we began our journey in 2020, by providing a service that enables individuals compare interest rates, repayment periods and other features on loans from various financial institutions.  

Initially, we focused solely on providing loan comparisons to our users. Recognizing the importance of comprehensive financial planning, we expanded our offerings in December 2021 to include savings and fixed deposit products. This strategic move enabled our users to not only select the most suitable loan provider but also identify the ideal partner for securing their financial future. 

Few years on, and we continue to serve our users committedly, helping them navigate financial decisions with clarity and confidence.  

Our goal remains to connect you to the financial services you need to thrive. That’s why we will continue to innovate, until we build a digital marketplace that serves your every financial need.  

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What defines us?

Innovation:  Pioneering Solutions as we drive progress - Embracing new technologies and ideas, we strive to drive progress and reshape the way our users’ access and understand financial information.   

Simplicity:  Streamlined Clarity for All. We fearlessly remove complexity from financial product comparisons, offering streamlined clarity to all our users.   

Customer focus:  Empathy, Tailored Solutions. With a customer-centric approach, we craft tailored financial solutions that prioritize the interests and aspirations of our users. 

Efficiency:  Optimizing for Seamless user experience- We fearlessly optimize processes to create a seamless user experience while saving time and effort.


We work with only our trusted partners

Our Pledge to You

Simplicity In Everything

Our system is built around you to help you find the best loan and process your loan application.

Top-notch Customer Service

Your data and transactions are in safe hands when you look for an online loan with us.

Only The Best Partners

We understand the need for speed when you need to borrow money.

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